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One of the most important things in any household is a functioning bathroom. It is essential for hygiene purposes and can also be a place to relax and unwind after a long day. If you're having problems with your bathroom basin, don't worry - we're here to help! In this blog post, we will teach you everything you need to know about bathroom basin installation and repair in Singapore. We'll go over the different types of basins available, as well as how to install and repair them. whether you're a homeowner who needs some repairs done or a business owner looking for advice on Bathroom Basin Installation and Repair in Singapore, read on for more information!

bathroom basin

Basin Installation

As essential equipment, a basin is required in many eateries, kitchens, and restrooms. Their main objective is to assist customers in improving their hygiene by ensuring they have clean water and removing the wastewater after washing their faces and hands. We provide several services, including bathroom sink basins, pedestal basins, wall-hung basin basins, standing basin basins, and undermount basin basins with top vanity sinks. You may install it yourself by following the steps below:

Installation Process

The dishwasher's operation is based on the supplied manufacturer's instruction leaflet, which must be studied beforehand. The first step is ensuring no water penetrates through the central plumbing system.

Drill and Measure the Anchor Points

Find a location for the basin that is appropriate for the room. You'll almost always have to follow existing room standards. Before inserting the screws, ensure the bowl is aligned on the wall. Drill two-inch holes with a 1/8 bit and use the markings you made on your walls to mark where the screws should be inserted.

Attaching Your Basin

Our instructions will show you how to set the basin against the wall. Make sure it's correctly positioned with the holes you just made. If required, secure your bay using screws. You may need additional support if the original design requires it.

Fixing the Tap

Lubricate and loosen the bolt to the attachment point. Before tightening all of the faucet's connections, use putty on each one.

Install the Water Inlet Connection

If you're going for 24 hours, use a metal link between the faucet outlet and the lower section. Check that your faucet's inlet dimensions are compatible with your metal connections. To finish, connect the coupling to the central plumbing system using a flexible hose pipe.

Drainage Connection

On the lower side of the basin, putty should be applied to the basin's outflow. Connect the tailpiece to the bowl by inserting it into position and securing it with a tight grip. Use plumbing tape to attach a p-trap to the basin's lower end. After that, use a wrench to connect your coupler.

Bathroom Basin Repair

If your bathroom basin leaks, you must repair it as soon as possible. The steps are as follows:

Remove the shut-off valve from the bathroom basin's water supply. There should be a close-by shut-off valve in the bathroom sink.

  • Remove the water supply lines from the bathroom sink.
  • If your bathroom basin is cracked, it will have to be replaced. Here are the instructions for replacing a cracked bathroom basin:
  • Look for a comparable replacement basin that is the same size and shape as your existing one.
  • Turn off the bathroom sink's water supply.
  • Remove the water supply hoses from the bathroom sink.
  • Remove the bathroom sink from the countertop.
  • Install the new bathroom basin in the same position as the old one.
  • Connect the water supply hoses to the new bathroom basin.

Contact ACTIVE-PLUMBING if you need bathroom basin installation and repair in Singapore. We can help you choose the appropriate bathroom basin for your home and properly install it. Bathroom basin installation and repair are not simple DIY projects. To do it effectively, you'll need the necessary tools and expertise.

What You Should Know and How to Do:

Recognize the Many Types of Basins

Identifying the many basin shapes, colors, and styles accessible on the market is critical. Choose a basin that will catch your attention. Everyone has their interests when it comes to acquiring items. Make sure you have a firm decision-making strategy before making your choice. There are several forms of basins:

Choosing the perfect pedestal basin is a difficult task. You must first be aware of the many forms of bays available. It's time to learn about the equipment required to install them now that you know about the various types of basins. A basin, an adjustable wrench, and a pipe wrench are all recommended tools. Third, pick up screwdrivers, pipe cutters, and a measuring tape.

Know the Safety Measures

When it comes to plumbing services, safety precautions are crucial. Keep in mind the protective measures available to you to help you avoid significant injuries. The following are some of the essential safety procedures to follow:

  • When constructing a basin, you'll need a drainage system. You may not want to pollute the primary water supply. As a result, you'll need to replace the supply pipes and ensure they're away from the drain lines. The waste-containing pipes should have an irregular shape.
  • Make sure you've read the safety instructions before purchasing a basin. Follow them ahead of time to ensure that your equipment is safe. If the rules are too confusing for you to understand, seek advice from a plumber.
  • Ensure your bathtub is at least a few feet away from the wall.
  • Make sure you're using each gadget for its intended purpose. You won't get hurt if you do this.

To avoid personal injury and property damage, follow these essential safety guidelines. You must master all of them to ensure your well-being. It's time to figure out how to install the sink once you've completely understood what you're supposed to do.

Remove the old.

If you're replacing an existing basin, get rid of it. Look for any leftover remnants of the last things. It's critical to correct every fresh item since you have the tools. Remove all screws from your old sink, if necessary. Once you've finished, prepare to install the new one.

Set Up Your New Sink

Before buying a basin:

  • All waste outlets should be clear and free of obstructions. If there's enough flow in the waste passage, make a mark where you'll install the basins on the wall with a pencil.
  • Before installing them, arrange the basin screws in advance.
  • Make holes with a screwdriver on the walls.

Continue to the next stage after determining where to set your basin.

If you're considering a modern and space-saving option, explore our range of wall-hung basins at Active Plumbing Wall-Hung Basins. These stylish fixtures not only elevate the overall design but also provide a practical solution for smaller spaces.

Fixing Your Basin

Double-check that the basin screws are in the correct holes when you've decided where to put your basin. Aside from the sink, ensure that the water supply and waste supply pipes are in their proper spots. Use a measuring tape to make sure it's correctly installed. Make sure it is appropriately positioned.


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