bathroom shower tap

The shower tap can be said to be the most important faucet in the entire bathroom or even the entire home, because no matter how tired you are, as long as you walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower tap to let the water pour over your body, it is absolutely effective to help eliminate fatigue!

In fact, there are many types of shower taps, and even two way taps can be used as shower taps. This mainly depends on how your water pipes are laid out and what kind of water heater is installed.

bathroom shower tap

How to Choose the Right One

If you're looking for a Shower Mixer Tap, you may feel overwhelmed by the available choices. How do you select the appropriate one for your house? This article will go over some things to think about when deciding. We'll also give some recommendations to make the procedure easier for you. So, whether you're renovating your bathroom or just replacing an old tap, read on for advice on how to find the perfect Shower Tap for your needs!

why are my tap leaking

Loose Handles

Faucet handles are frequently used, and they become loose and drip water after a while. Leaks occur over time, necessitating the replacement of the faucet handle.

Poor Fittings

It will almost certainly leak after a brief period if you don't have a plumber install or replace your tap.

Water Pressure

When there is a problem with the water pressure caused by faulty pipes, faucets occasionally leak. When there is a problem with the pipe pressure, you must call an expert plumber to check your faucet's pressure.

Hard Water Build-Up

Corrosion on the rubber washers, which are designed to keep faucets from leaking, might be evident in areas with a high amount of chemicals in the water. This leads to a leaking faucet in the end.

Damaged Parts

Water leaks from most faucets due to a faulty component inside the tap. This is typical with compression-type faucets and mixer taps/faucets that mix hot and cold water.

Shower Tap Maintenance

The shower tap must be serviced. We want to ensure it's functioning correctly so we can regularly clean it.

Daily Maintenance

Faucets are simple to keep clean. The faucet's surface should be cleaned using a damp cloth and mild soap, then dried with a soft cloth. The gleaming appearance of the faucet will be preserved. Faucet cleaners may also be used. Nonetheless, strong chemicals might harm the faucet's appearance. As a result, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Weekly Maintenance

The aerator, which is the small screen located at the faucet's tip, must be unscrewed and cleaned every week to prevent clogging. First, use a paperclip or toothpick to clear away any accumulated debris. Soak it in vinegar for around 20 minutes if there is still dirt. Rinse it thoroughly with water and screw it back on when you're finished.

You must first use an aerosol or liquid furniture polish to clean matte faucets. It will give the faucet a more uniform appearance, preventing fingerprints from appearing on the tap after polishing.

Minor Maintenance

Today's faucets are so efficient that they require little upkeep. However, this does not imply that the tap does not require attention at all. For example, the components inside the faucet will wear down with time, which is located outside of reach unless you take the tap out. As a result, it.

Faulty Faucet Repair

If you discover a dripping faucet, don't be afraid to take care of it yourself. If you can resolve the problem without calling for help, don't hesitate. Get non-emergency plumbing experts to assist you with it if you get caught while repairing.


To begin, you'll need the right equipment. You may not require all of the tools based on the problem you're resolving. Examine whether any of the above reasons for leaking faucets apply to you. If done correctly, it will take around an hour to finish the repairs—the following list of things you might need (or already have).

  • Adjustable wrench
  • WD-40 (Lubricant)
  • White vinegar
  • Replacement parts
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Scouring pad
  • Flathead screwdriver

Turn The Water Supply Off

Before you start a leaking faucet repair, always turn off the water supply. If you don't turn off the water supply, you risk flooding your toilet or kitchen. The water shutoff valves may be found beneath the sink in some cases. To switch it off, use the main house's water cutoff valve instead. Confirm that the water flow has been stopped by turning on the faucet. This will also release any remaining pressure in the pipes by closing all of them at once

Examine The Faucet Parts

Replace the valve stem. Remove and discard the packing nut and stem from the valve. Twist or pry the valve's stem away to remove it. Examine the packing nut, stem, O-ring, and washer in the valve seat for signs of corrosion or buildup, noting any filthy before putting them away.

Dismantle The Leaking Faucet Handles

When removing faucets in an avocado bathroom, this is when the equipment comes in handy. Remove any ornamental handles from the taps with the flathead screwdriver. Then remove the screws holding the handle using the Philips head screwdriver. If any components appear rusted or difficult to remove, clean them with WD-40, and they should become easier to remove. Set aside the pieces and label them so you remember which component goes where.

Sterilize The Valves

When all of the components from the faucet have been removed, check the valves. Around the valve, you should be able to see some mineral deposits or buildup. This is when white vinegar comes in useful. Apply a thin layer of white vinegar over the deposit area and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. The solution will dissolve any residue allowing it to be removed. Clean the surface using a scouring pad. Remove and wash the stopper with clear water to clean out any dirt or debris.

Why Should You Get Your Leaking Tap Fixed Now?

The dirty water stains that result from a leaking faucet are one of its flaws. These stains might be difficult to remove, making your home appear older than it is. The expense and time involved in removing these stains are also significant. Assume you have a major leak in an inadequately maintained tap while you're sleeping or on vacation, causing flooding or damage. That situation may lead to significant damage, including property loss and flooding.


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