bathtub chokage

After a long day of work, you go home and soak in the bathtub, just like the enjoyment of soaking in a hot spring, but when you finish taking a bath and want to release the water in the bathtub, you find that the used water drains very slowly. Even after waiting for a long time, the water doesn't seem to be able to go down. At this moment, you have changed from confusion to annoyance. Because you finally realised that your bathtub has been choked.

In fact, the bathtub itself will not be choked. It is the drain pipe that connects the bathtub and the bathroom drain. The reason for the chokage is similar to the chokage of the shower screen, which is the accumulation of excessive dirt and hair.

It is not easy to clear the choking of the bathtub because the drainage hole of the bathtub itself is less than two inches, so it is particularly difficult to unblock the bathtub by hand. Professional machines must be used to solve the problem effectively and make it cleaner.

bathtub chokage

What You Need to Know

bathtub choking hazard, and parents must be aware of it. There have been several cases of toddlers getting their heads stuck in the drainage holes at the bottom of bathtubs. This can lead to suffocation, and parents must take steps to prevent it.

Bathtub Insights

Bathtubs are more than simply a container of water. They're considerably more complicated than you might imagine. The device includes a water chamber with a drainage outlet in the middle bottom and various assistance beneath the tub, depending on the version. Bathtubs are made out of a variety of materials. Here are some examples:

Cast Iron

The cast-iron bathtub is encased in enamel to make it long-lasting. The material will keep your water warm for a long time, allowing you to enjoy your soak style without worrying about being cold or uncomfortable.

Fiberglass or Acrylic

Bathtubs with Fiberglass or Acrylic are plastic variants of bathtubs that are flexible and lightweight. They're ideal for people who have trouble reaching their feet while showering because they may be set up directly over slippery surfaces without the risk of falling (consider how wobbly furniture gets when you stand on one foot). Other versions are available if sturdiness is more critical, such as metal with more durable construction.

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Bathtubs constructed of polymers are not only for show. They provide the ability to create whatever color or design you desire, and they're also quite durable!

The most appealing aspect of polymer-made baths is that their material makes them highly durable, so even if your youngster takes his first step outside on terra firma (or trying out a new slide at backyard camp), the bath will take it without shattering like other materials.

Stainless Steel

Bathtubs made of stainless steel are also an excellent option. They're less prone to scratches and dents and don't contain germs like other materials. They're ideal for those who want a contemporary bathroom look!


Bathtubs made of two or more different materials combined are known as composite bathtubs. Fiberglass-reinforced acrylic is the most frequent form, but stone and metal composites also exist. Composite bathtubs have the benefit of being quite robust and long-lasting. They're also less prone to fracture than other materials.

Alcove Tubs

The term "alcove tub" refers to tubs that are recessed. They face three adjacent walls and are positioned against three separate divisions. This is the most common form of bathtub construction.

Soaking Tubs

These tubs' additional depth gives the bathers a submersion bathing experience.

Free-Standing Tubs

Bathtubs in the bathroom on their own do not need to be placed near the plumbing lines because they are free-standing. They contain several subcategories, including Japanese soaking, pedestal, and skirted claw foot.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

These are among the most costly baths available, providing bathers with a spa-like experience. You may also alter the bubble strength and temperature.

Many distinct types of bathtubs are available in various sizes, shapes, and capabilities. The typical depth of a bathtub is 14 inches. A regular bathtub has 55-60 inches long by 25-30 inches wide dimensions. Bathtubs come with various optional features, such as whirlpool and jetted tubs, that vary per manufacturer.

Bathtub Choking Causes

A variety of factors cause bathtub chokes. The most frequent cause is residue from various bodily oils, soap particles, hair, dead skin cells, cosmetic goods, and other items. These may appear unimportant at first glance, but they will thicken and solidify over time in the drainpipe and form blocks. It can lead to more severe issues if left untreated. It is critical to clear this choke now.

Choking in the bathroom is inconvenient, but we can assure you that the best service is removing all the build-ups from your bathtub's drain. We specialize in saving you money while still providing timely service!

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