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A ceiling fan installation is a service that is quickly growing in demand in Singapore. Ceiling fans are a great way to cool down a room and can be installed in just a few minutes. If you seek a ceiling fan installation service, look no further than the trusted professionals at SES. We offer fast, reliable service and will have your new ceiling fan up and running in no time!

Ceiling fans are an efficient method to maintain a pleasant temperature in your house or business. If you haven't heard, ceiling fans come in various designs and forms to complement any décor. A correctly installed ceiling fan during the summer months helps to distribute heat and airflow throughout your space, making it more comfortable for you and your family.

ceiling fan

Is It Possible To Install A Ceiling Fan On My Own?

Ceiling fan installations are not something that the majority of people would want to attempt themselves. This is because high voltage electrical wiring must be installed and carpentry skills to ensure that the ceiling fan is mounted correctly and operates at heights that may be dangerous if done by an inexperienced person.

Ceiling fan installations in Singapore frequently necessitate the installation of a new electrical box on the roof. If you do it poorly, it might be dangerous and result in significant damage if it falls off due to its weight and continuous movement. We do not suggest that you install a ceiling fan yourself unless you are an EMA-certified electrician.

Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installations

Aside from our extensive range of electrical services, hiring Daylight Electrician Singapore to install Ceiling Fans in your house or workplace has some advantages. Here are some examples:

  • Reduce your energy expenses and utility costs without sacrificing comfort.
  • Ceiling fans aid in the efficient functioning of your air conditioners, leaving your space cooler and more ventilated than it would be if you used only air conditioners.
  • Ceiling fans may help you decorate your house and business by providing a variety of beautiful designs and sizes that complement your interior design concept.

How To Install Ceiling Fans

Many people prefer to do their ceiling fan installations. While most individuals would find this difficult, some homeowners with basic electrical knowledge can follow a guide and do the building independently. To avoid electrician expenses, it is still a viable option for them to hire professionals.

Step-by-step procedure on how to install a ceiling fan

  • To begin, measure the slope of the ceiling where you intend to install your ceiling fan. You should also note the height of the top from the floor. Before purchasing a new lover, determine the length of the down rod and the size of the fan blades.
  • For your safety, unplug the mains' power before beginning any ceiling fan installation. There should be no additional fixtures nearby the selected location for the fan installation. The outlet box should also be labeled to assist the vertically hanging ceiling fan to achieve its full potential. Remember that when installing a ceiling fan, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions and warnings.
  • Decide where you want to put your new ceiling fan before you cut into the roof. This is because the ceiling fan's blades should be at least 7 feet above the ground and 10 inches below the ceiling for a trouble-free operation. In addition, to prevent collisions, place your ceiling fan as far away from walls, doors, wall cabinets, or any other object as possible.
  • The new ceiling fan should be installed after the old ceiling fan or light fixture has been removed. Turn off the power source and open the existing electrical box with a screwdriver if there was any previous ceiling fan or light fixture. Please clean up the area and ensure it is free of debris before installing the new ceiling fan. Professional electricians such as SES Electrician Singapore should know how to do it safely if you are installing a ceiling fan over a light fixture.
  • Install the mounting bracket onto the outlet box using the screws and other materials that came with it. Connect the electrical wiring of the ceiling fan to the mounting bracket. Electricians are trained to do this, so don't worry if you don't know-how.
  • The ceiling fan's motor should then be connected to the down rod of the ceiling bracket using wire nuts, and lastly, it must be installed on the ceiling fan. Wirings from the fan body and receiver should be joined together using wires of similar color. To finish the electrical wiring circuit for a ceiling fan.
  • The fan body's canopy should be fastened to the ceiling fan mounting bracket. Last but not least, the fan blades should be inserted into the motor's grommets and secured while it is being rotated against the engine's body.

Considerations When Hiring a Ceiling Fan Installation Professional

Are you considering getting a ceiling fan installed? Consider making a list of several factors before making your decision. Here are some of them:

Cost of the ceiling fan

SES is the firm to call if you're searching for a dependable electrician with affordable ceiling fan installation costs. The installation cost of a ceiling fan varies based on the type of fan and where it will be installed. Get quotations from several trusted electrical service businesses.

Picking the perfect ceiling fan

Before you hire a ceiling fan installation service, do some research. This is especially vital because several types of fans are on the market these days. Not only in terms of brands, but they also differ in terms of features, forms, and purposes. Choose a fan that suits your requirements and lifestyle as best as possible.

Think about the outdoors

Consider installing a ceiling fan outside if your home has a basement. This is an excellent and practical option if you have a garden or patio. A ceiling fan in such areas will make sitting and relaxing outdoors more pleasant, especially in Singapore's hot climate. Because ceiling fan installation costs are generally lower than air conditioners, you may equip as many as you wish with them.


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