drain | floor trap chokage

When you are in the middle of taking a bath and suddenly find that the floor is flooded, when you are hungry and waiting for your wife to cook your dinner, suddenly you hear your wife shouting that there is a lot of water coming out from under the sink , and also, when you pull the water to flush the toilet after you defecate, and find that the excrement comes up with the water,
Yes, you have encountered a chokage.

A clogged drain is definitely annoying because it means the sewage cannot be drained away and the environment is polluted,

And it's not just that, it's also a huge inconvenience for people doing business, so it's important to clear the clogged drain as soon as possible to maintain a good sanitation environment!

drain | floor trap blockage

How to Avoid a Clogged Drain

It's a nightmare scenario for any homeowner - you wake up in the morning to find that your sink is clogged, and water is slowly seeping out from underneath the door. Drain choke is a common problem in any place and can happen to anyone. In this content, we'll sharing what drain choke is, how to avoid it, and what to do if you encounter it. Stay dry!

Causes of floor Trap Choke

Clogged floor traps are the consequence of a variety of factors. The following are some of the most prevalent offenders that cause a floor trap to stop.


Soap, excellent bar soaps, and other soaps that have been allowed to settle on the floor trap can choke a shower. When the solid soap isn't removed, it will combine with any remaining shower trash and create a floor trap choke.


Every day, many people lose around 100 strands of hair, most of which occur in the shower. The typical person spends about 50 minutes in the bathroom to shower. When we pour and wash our hair under pressure, loose hairs on their way out readily fall away. This is only for each individual. Assume there are four individuals in a family. Approximately 400 strands of hair enter the floor trap every day.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper's primary purpose is to assist us in cleaning up after ourselves when we use the restroom. However, certain types of toilet paper are not meant to be flushed down the toilet. For example, facial tissue and baby wipes are not suited for disposal this way. These things may clog the floor trap when they go down the drain.

Food Waste

You should not flush certain types of food down the toilet, even if you have a garbage disposal. Coffee grinds, eggshells, fat, and meat scraps are all examples of foods that should not be flushed down the drain. When these things are dropped into the sink, they might clog the floor trap.

Foreign Objects

A leaking drain system can lead to sewage issues. Foreign items entering the drainage pipe might clog up and cause sewage backups. Dead insects and solid food waste are just two things that can end up in your drains.


Grease is a sugary substance that builds up and collects in pipes due to numerous greases. Grease build-up frequently occurs around the kitchen floor trap location, clogging the floor trap.

Dirt & Dust

Dirt and dust accumulate over time in many locations, particularly those that aren't cleaned. It will combine with the surrounding water to form a solid substance over time, eventually blocking the floor trap.

How to Unclog a Drain Choke?

The first step in resolving a blocked drainpipe or unclogging a clogged floor trap choke is to get the appropriate plumbing equipment. These items are available on the market and can be made from simple household components.

Get The Tools

The proper tools are needed to fix a clogged drainpipe or unclog a floor trap choke. Hair and debris are typical causes of blockages since they obstruct drains and traps. In this instance, a drain plunger would be required. To unblock blocked drains, combine vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.

Get A Plunger

If the clogged chokes can't be cleared using a draining plunger, you may use a draining plunger to clear them. Removing and cleaning the drain elbow connection is also an option if your pipes are blocked. If you can't clear the drain with a plunger, try these suggestions:

Buy A Cleaner

Another option is stocking up on drain cleaners and regularly cleaning the drain chokes. Many efficient cleaning products available on the market will solve your drained pipe, floor trap choke, and floor trap clog problems quickly.

Use A Plumbing Snake

Most plumbers encounter clog situations regularly. It's made of a flexible wire coil that can quickly pass through the drain / floor trap. Its primary purpose is to apply pressure on the choke's source and break it down so drainage may flow freely after passing through the drain / floor trap.

Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A wet or dry vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaner that utilizes water. It will gather any trash aimed at, just like a regular vacuum cleaner. However, the floor trap choke can only be done after removing the water. You must use the highest setting on your vacuuming machine to have enough force to remove the blockage.

Hire A Professional

If the above suggestions fail, you should call a professional to clean the drain or floor trap. A skilled plumber will have the tools and knowledge to swiftly and efficiently address any issue. Drain and floor trap chokes can be annoying, but they may be readily resolved with the aid of a specialist. To clear floor trap clogs and drain chokes in your house, contact SES Plumbing now!

Prevention Tips

If your floor traps do not clog, they will not obstruct your drains. Now that you know what causes a floor trap choke, you're undoubtedly wondering how to prevent it from happening. The following ideas can assist you in keeping your floor trap debris-free.

Make Use of Bacterial Drain Cleaners.

Like other types of drain cleaners, Bacteria drain cleaners can be used regularly to help remove organic debris such as hair or food wedged in the drainage pipe. Most bacterial drain cleaners are non-corrosive, so there's no danger of causing pipes to corrode.

Regular Maintenance

If you don't keep your drainage pipes in excellent working order, they will clog over time. Small items like those listed above occasionally get into the system and cause a blockage. If you do routine pipe maintenance, a competent and trustworthy plumber can help you detect early indications of blockages and prevent them from getting worse if you catch them early enough.

Install Hair Catchers

When shower drains clog, it's usually because of hair and soaps. Hair and soaps are the most common reason for shower drain blockages when they combine. Before stray hairs enter the drainage system, a wire mesh should be constructed to capture them. The gathered bristles and residues can be removed by removing the wire mesh from the floor trap after collecting them.


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