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Electrical Distribution Boards (EDBs) are essential in any residential & commercial setting. They help to ensure a safe and reliable electrical supply for your business. If you are looking for expert advice on Distribution Board installation and repair, then you are in the right spot!

SES provides electrical distribution board (DB) box services for two main reasons, as the name implies. First, you may be building a new electrical DB box for your newly renovated house or business. Another possibility is that recurring power blackouts or outages might be signs of problems with your electrical distribution board. Without the correct installation, a faulty electrical switch box might cause frequent wiring problems, power trips, and system failures.

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How An Electrical Distribution Board Works

An electrical panel is what controls the lights in your home. They are frequently found in a cupboard within HDB flats.

Although most homeowners don't consider how an electrical panel operates, it is critical to understand such things, especially during power outages and other electrical difficulties. Knowing what DB box does will benefit you as a homeowner in one way or another.

What Is Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel, sometimes dubbed a distribution board (DB) box, is another name for an electrical distribution box. However, it's not unusual to hear individuals call it a breaker box. It's a steel enclosure that houses several circuit breakers and other electrical elements that keep the electricity supply in your house functioning. The circuit breaker is designed to prevent your home's electric wiring from short circuits or surges, which can lead to power outages when triggered.

If you want to improve the electrical capacity of a switch box, consult your local electrician about it. An electrical switch box contains an electricity capacity load for meeting particular usage demands. If you wish to boost the load capacity, you should install additional breaker boxes to balance the others already in the electrical panel.

Where Does Power Come From?

All these supplies originate from a single electrical meter box, ensuring power enters your property. An electric board also keeps track of how much electricity is used each month. The distribution board is linked to the supply lines. Electricity is managed at the distribution board by a series of circuit breakers that distribute power to your home after being controlled at the distribution board by a sequence of circuit breakers.

How does An Electrical Panel Keep You Secured?

When it comes to electrical work, always put your safety and security first, whether it's installation, repair, or replacement. In Singapore, housing estates have unique standards that must be adhered to carefully. For example, circuit breaker trips should be able to shut off the electricity supply during electrical issues like overloads to prevent fires.

Ground fault circuit interrupters should also be used indoors, especially in damp locations like kitchens and bathrooms, to safeguard people from electrical shocks by shutting down the electricity supply.

More About Electrical Panels

Aside from the circuit breaker, an electrical panel includes various other electrical components and parts. Switches, fuse links, bus bars, bypass equipment, and residual current detectors are examples of this. A bypass device combines protection components that effectively safeguard electrical connections from power overloading, short circuits, and other faults. In terms of functionality, the residual current detector is designed to give optimum protection against ground fault shocks and fire by detecting whether a ground fault condition exists.

Parts of a Distribution Board

Each apartment has a consumer unit (CU), known as an Electrical Distribution Board (DB) Box, that serves as an electrical distribution panel. It's crucial to understand what it does if you want to check for problems before a qualified electrician arrives.

The major components of your electrical DB box in Singapore are as follows:

Miniature circuit breakers (MCB)

The CU monitors temperatures and keeps a tight rein on them. These protect the CU from sending too much heat to your home's electrical system and appliances. The MCB will turn off the electricity supply to your house circuit if there is a power surge, avoiding any damage. A double pole MCB is found in most Singapore flats.

Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB)

The essential component of the CU is this, which aids in the prevention of electrical circuit leaks. It also features a test button labeled "T" that you may use to shut down the circuit as a check. If you press this button, but your RCCB does not fire, you should immediately contact an electrician.


These are the connection locations on the distribution board. They frequently check for blacking or high heat indications since they may hide the damage.

a Good Electrical Distribution Panel Installation

Installing and maintaining a decent electrical distribution panel has several advantages. Some of the benefits include:

  • Electrical shocks and fires are prevented.
  • Surge protection from an overvoltage or power surge
  • Repairs and replacements of electrical wiring

Signs That Your Electrical Distribution Box Needs To Be Repaired

Suppose you're looking for a professional and experienced electrical contractor in London, Ontario, to install your home's electrical system components. Look no further. Our skilled staff will finish the task correctly and safely, with over 20 years of hands-on expertise. We provide reputable electricians that can assist with everything from installation to aftercare service on all repairs or replacements.

Here are some brief inspections you can do to discover whether your electrical distribution board needs to be replaced:

  • To begin, check to see which cable powers the outlet or fixture.
  • Check if the appliances are working by trying to identify where each cable goes.
  • To solve most power-tripping difficulties, reduce the strain on your devices.
  • If the electricity goes out again after resetting the electrical circuit breaker, you should consider consulting a professional electrician.


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