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Faucets have a wide range of uses. Various faucets have different image designs according to their respective uses. The sink tap for washing dishes in the kitchen, the shower tap for bathing in the bathroom and the basin tap for washing face, bidet that installed next to the toilet. don't forget there is also a washing machine tap that supports the washing machine.

But no matter what kind of purpose it is used for, the main function of the faucet is to control the water source. We can use the faucet to control the volume of the water, also we can control the temperature of the water at will according to our own needs. Of course, first of all, you must install a water heater in your home.

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Water Tap Installation, Replacement & Repair

Nothing is more aggravating than a leaking faucet. If the leak gets worse, you'll be irritated by the continual dripping of water and the nonstop flow of water. There are many taps, such as a washbasin tap, a kitchen sink tap, a garden tap, a washing machine tap, and a shower mixer tap; if you have an issue with your faucet leaking, do not wait to fix it.

If they are repairable, it's time to get a new one. They might be fixed, but if they are beyond repair, it's time to replace them. ACTIVE-PLUMBING is just one of Singapore's many excellent plumbing services that will help you with these difficulties without hesitation. However, before you fix or replace anything, you should first understand the reasons behind the problem. ACTIVE-PLUMBING is a superior option for all your plumbing needs.

Reasons for Leakage

  • Suppose the faucet handle is loose, for example. Every day, faucet handles are used to a significant extent. As a result, the grip loosens over time, allowing water to leak. If you leave it like that, the leak will get worse with time. So if you detect this problem and want to fix it immediately, the simplest thing to do is replace the faucet's handle.
  • The water pressure might be too high. Faucet leaks from the damaged pipes are sometimes an issue. Assume there's a problem with your faucet, and you notice it. In that situation, the most acceptable option is to get expert help from a plumber who can examine the condition and make any required adjustments to fix it.
  • This issue occurs regularly if specific components are damaged since many elements can harm your faucet. Compression-type faucets and mixer taps that must simultaneously handle heated and cold water are two examples of this problem, which occurs frequently. As soon as possible, get a plumber to replace the damaged components, so they don't cause any more damage.
  • If the connections are wrong, if you don't have a professional plumber install or repair your tap, you'll experience leaks much more frequently. As a result, don't take risks and go it alone.
  • Water accumulation can also cause harm. If the water in your region has a high concentration of chemicals, the rubber washers may come free, causing the leak to begin. This time around, the rubber washer used to stop the leak will be the source of the problem. The plumber's incompetence will go un Noticed.

However, to hire a trustworthy plumber in your region, you must first know what questions to ask. The problems and their solutions are usually similar, although one thing is sure: the plumber you choose must have prior experience.

Tap Leak Types

Taps are a component of nearly every house, yet we don't recognize them until they quit working. Consider faucets as an example for a second. You'll eventually conclude that faucets are, without a doubt, one of those things! Taps are found in bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, washbasins, and other applications. Taps come in many different forms and sizes and may be used. Here's some information about various sorts of taps:

Monobloc taps are single-handle faucets that offer both hot and cold water. The water temperature in these taps is controlled by semi-circular motions on the left side, which provides hot water, and semi-circular activities on the right side, which provides cold water.

Compression Taps

Taps that contain a button? Compression taps include handles that may be twisted on and off. Water is kept out of the seat by pressing rubber or neoprene washers down onto it with the handle.

Quarter Turn Taps

A quarter turn of the handle activates them. They include a ceramic disc rotated by the handle to open and shut the water flow. These taps, when compared to compression taps, have washers that are less likely to be broken.

Mixer Taps

A single spout may provide hot and cold water, as demonstrated by a mixer tap. The water temperature is regulated with separate control in these taps.

Cartridge Taps

When these knobs are rotated, the cartridge controls the water flow. They can also adjust the temperature by moving their arms from side to side.

Disk Taps

The water flow is controlled by parallel ceramic discs on the on/off faucet handle.

Ball Taps

The water is fed into the hollow ball inserted within the tap. Any tap may have one or more leather or rubber rings on it, and they are used to restrict water flow by pushing against them. When this ring is lost or damaged, the tap begins to leak. Tap leaks can also be caused by rusted areas in the fixtures and prolonged contact between them.


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