kitchen sink tap

The kitchen sink tap's neck can be turned left and right. If you often need to wash a larger steel pot, it is wise to choose a tall faucet.

The kitchen sink tap is also where people most often get drinking water from, so it's important to keep it clean and hygienic.

Kitchen sink tap

Everything You Need to Know

Kitchen sink taps are a must-have for any kitchen. They improve the look of your kitchen and provide many conveniences. We will discuss all the different things you need to know about these taps. We will cover in detail such as the different types of fixtures available, the benefits of using a mixer tap, and how to choose the right one for your needs. After reading this article, you should understand kitchen sink  taps better and be able to make a more intelligent purchase decision.

Things to Remember Before Buying Sink Tap

The general appearance of a kitchen's design is also essential these days. People formerly preferred kitchens with fewer features and fittings, but that isn't the case any longer. A decent stove and an equal distribution of cookware are not enough to create a beautiful-looking kitchen. For example, faucets and taps contribute equally to the overall look of your kitchen. The chrome and matte finishes give your kitchen a more fashionable look, which is fantastic. You may proudly announce it to others!!

There are numerous sink tap options, so it might be challenging to determine which one is ideal for you. Here are some things to consider:

Sprayer Alternatives

There are many alternative sprayer-style sink taps, even in sprayer-style sink tap styles. You can now select the sprayer tap type that best meets your needs. A side sprayer and a pull-out sprayer connected to the tap are available options.

The Number of Handles

Some faucets have a single knob, while others feature two. One handle regulates the temperature of the water, while the other controls pressure. A single knob may change the temperature or increase or decrease the water pressure by turning it right or left. When selecting a tap, consider design and appearance, but don't limit yourself to one style. The criteria mentioned above are just as significant when purchasing a tap.

High-Pressure Water System

Double-check that your house's water pressure system is in good working order when buying a tap. If you install a fixture with a high-water pressure requirement, but your home has low water pressure, the water flow from your faucet will be sluggish and faint. As a result, the water pressure in your home and the faucet you choose must be suitable.

Height and Range of Motion

A faucet should be selected to match the faucet's height and the location in which it will be utilized.

How to Install Sink Tap?

Kitchen sink taps are a necessary component of any kitchen, and it's critical to learn how to install them properly. It's ideal to call a professional if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. If you're not sure, though, here are the actions you should take:

  • Turn off the water to your sink. Shutting off the valves beneath the sink is usually enough.
  • Remove the old tap. Depending on how it was installed, it may be removed from the top or bottom.
  • Clean the space where the new tap will be installed. This is to ensure a tight seal.
  • Remove the old tap. It's most commonly attached from the top or bottom.
  • Switch the water supply and test the tap to ensure no leaks.

If you follow the instructions carefully, installing your new kitchen sink tap should be straightforward. A decent collection of sink taps is required in every kitchen, so mastering to install them correctly is essential!

Sink Tap Replacement

There are several distinct sorts of taps, each with its function. Kitchen sink faucets, toilet washbasin faucets, home garden faucets, and washing machine faucets are a few examples. To avoid plumbing problems such as a dripping tap, it's critical to ensure the fixture is in the correct position. We provide a wide range of ACTIVE-PLUMBING's patented Tap & Faucet Solutions to meet changing demands. If you want us to replace your house's water tap, we can rely on our team of professional specialists. We offer the following services:

  • Replace kitchen tap
  • Replacement of basin taps in Singapore
  • Faucet Replacement
  • Fixing a leaky tap
  • Replacing mains water stopcock
  • Water tap replacement
  • Fixing a dripping tap

More Than Merely Taps and Faucets

You may use your faucets to add value to your toilets and kitchen and give them beauty. Some taps on the market may make your kitchen more appealing. When property sellers consider putting their homes on the market, they usually think about a few things. As a result, having an experienced and skilled plumbing firm like ACTIVE-PLUMBING handle all of your tap and faucet installations and replacements is critical.

Leading Causes Or Leaky Sink Taps

Wobbly levers

Faucet handles are utilized daily, and their durability decreases with time. Leaks build up over time, necessitating the replacement of the lever.

Water pressure

Low water pressure can cause faucets to drip when it's time to be cleaned. When there is a pipe's tap pressure blockage, you will require expert assistance.

Bad fittings

Expect your taps to drip after a while if you take them out or replace them with someone who isn't an expert.

Hard water build-up

The rubber gaskets are used to prevent faucets from leaking in areas where water has a high amount of pollutants that may erode. This causes the tap to drip after a while.

Broken components

Water from the faucet might be dripping, a common problem. This is especially typical for density-type faucets or mixer taps that supply hot and cold water.

Reasons for Fixing Your Leaky Tap Now.

One of the disadvantages of having a leaking tap is the unsightly watermarks that form over time. These markings might be tough to remove and give your house an older appearance. It also takes money and time to get rid of these marks. If a faulty tap has a large leak when you're sleeping or away on vacation, you may incur overflow and damage to your property. You can now repair that dripping tap, so call ACTIVE-PLUMBING right away at +6587995589


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