Portable basin installation and repair is a service that homeowners often request in Singapore. A portable basin is a convenient addition to any home and can be used for many different purposes. Whether you need a new inlet installed in your kitchen or your bathroom, or you need to have a basin repaired, our team of experts can help. We will provide tips on choosing a suitable portable basin for your home and how to install and maintain it properly.

The Installation Process for A New Portable Basin

The procedure for replacing a portable basin is straightforward. First, remove the old bay from the wall by unscrewing the mounting screws and pulling it free. If the seal on your previous basin was glued, a chisel or other instrument might be required to break it.

Remove the existing sink, then clean the surrounding area. Then, using a bead of silicone caulk around the perimeter of the hole, seal it. Put the new basin in the spot and press it into place. Install the mounting screws gently but firmly. Remove any excess caulk, and you're finished!

What Is a Portable Basin

A portable basin is a small, light sink that may be effortlessly relocated and set up. Portable sinks are ideal for individuals who require a short-term sink or those who need to add an extra sink to their property. Portable sinks come with several advantages, including:

No Install Required

Portable sinks do not require installation because they are not connected to plumbing. You will not have to pay a professional to install the sink. A portable sink with a power outlet may be set up and used almost anywhere, even without one. All that's left now is to fill the freshwater tank. It's all ready and waiting to be utilized. The freshwater tanks on these portable sink's wheels can be exchanged as needed, and they don't need the assistance of a specialist.


It's also possible to buy a portable sink as an investment since it doesn't need a plumber or complicated piping. A portable sink might save you money in the long run because it does not require a plumber or sophisticated plumbing. Whether you're looking for business offices, restaurants, schools, daycare centers, science labs, clinics, and other outdoor gatherings, this will help you keep your expenditures within a reasonable amount.

Environment Friendly

According to McGill University, the typical household in Canada consumes 329 liters of water each day. Due to leaking pipes and valves, a large portion of this water is lost. This issue may be tough to detect. Because portable sinks are more cost-effective than standard ones, they do not need to be connected to plumbing. Portable sinks can also help you stay green while still providing a valuable and sanitary solution due to this alone.

Suited to Business or Pleasure

Portable sinks may be utilized for a variety of applications. They may be used as a temporary handwashing station while companies are undergoing renovations, and they can be placed in restrooms during festivals. They can also be used to wash dishes for food service vendors or individuals on the road in a remote area, and buying one is a wise investment that will be useful repeatedly.

Ensure Proper Hygiene

Portable sinks are a fantastic method to keep your workplace clean. When stationary sinks aren't an option, portable sinks offer the ability to maintain a sanitary environment. This might include classes, catering events, and healthcare facilities where a handwashing station is required but plumbing isn't necessary. The sinks can typically wash up to 80 hands at once. However, some portable sinks may wash up to 300 hands, depending on the design.

As a result, any facility with a portable sink will be able to meet health and safety standards while encouraging good hygiene practices in all settings. This is crucial since it minimizes the spread of infections and prevents viruses from passing when people clean around them.

Easy to Maintain

Investing in a portable sink for your business is also an excellent concept since they require little maintenance. Because these sinks are self-contained, they include all the components necessary to function within the container. They require minimal upkeep. The water tanks beneath the basin store clean water and waste, allowing you to save money on plumbing expenses by switching them on and off as needed. You may also keep backup tanks on hand, particularly useful at crowded events. The old water can be readily replaced without the need for any difficulty

Types of Portable Basins

Portable basins come in two distinct types: the portable plastic basin and the portable metal basin. The portable plastic basin is less expensive and lighter than the portable metal basin. The portable metal basin, on the other hand, is more long-lasting and durable. If you need a temporary bathtub for use on a construction site or commercial application, go with the portable metal basin.

Tips On Choosing the Suitable Portable Basin for Your Needs

Consider the goal of the basin and how often it will be used when choosing a portable basin. Size, shape, and weight are just a few factors to consider. The most frequent type of portable basin is the square or rectangular kind. These basins are typically light and straightforward to move about with. One disadvantage is that they are not as sturdy as more oversized portable baths.

If you want to use the portable basin for outside activities, make sure it's made of sturdy materials. Some transportable basins are constructed of plastic or steel, while others are composed of more durable materials such as stone or ceramic.

Finally, consider the cost of the portable basin. Portable basins can vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Finding one that fits your budget while still fulfilling your needs is crucial.

With this in mind, you should be able to figure out which portable basin is ideal for you. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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