STORAge heater

The storage heater has a built-in bucket with different capacities. The size of the capacity is determined according to the needs of the user.
If the capacity is large enough, the storage heater, like the gas heater and the multipoint heater, can provide hot water for use in two bathrooms at the same time, and the hot water supply also includes the washbasin. Unlike an instant heater, a hot shower can only provide one bathroom.

A Storage Heater is a household appliance used to store heat for later use. often used in cold climates to provide supplemental heating. The most common type of Storage Heater is the electric Storage Heater, which uses electricity to heat a storage chamber. Storage Heaters can also be fueled by natural gas, oil, or propane.

A water heater's storage tank is heated using two electric resistance devices situated at the bottom and top of the tank. Each element has its thermostat. In two-element tanks, the lower part helps recover from standby losses while the upper one heats water during peak hot water demand. A lower element is all that's needed in some resistance water heaters.

storage water heater

Installation and Repair

Storage heater repair and installation in Singapore is a common issue that most people face. Storage heaters are usually used as an additional heating system in a house and can be very helpful in wintertime. However, if you don't take care of your storage heater, it can break down and cause all sorts of problems. We will discuss how to maintain your storage heater and work appropriately.

Repair and Installation

Storage Heaters are typically installed in homes that do not have access to a central heating system. Storage Heaters are also commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, such as warehouses and factories. These are an efficient way to heat a space, as they can store heat for extended periods. If you reside in cold weather, or if you are looking for an efficient way to heat your home or business, Storage Heaters may be the right solution for you. Storage Heater repair and installation are available through many different companies in Singapore.

We provide prompt and prompt plumbers to repair and maintain your water heater. Our services include problem diagnosis, removal of the entire water heater, repair, and replacement of components of your water heater.

We know it may be tricky when your water heater is not working correctly. That is why we always have a team of expertly trained plumbers to help you.

Benefits of Storage Heater

Even when the power is off, the warm water can still be used after the water has been heated, making it a cost-saving alternative for families of four or more people.

Even with a rain shower, bathing is a pleasure, thanks to the intense water pressure.

Cons of Storage Heater

Installing a slow-vented gas heater is more expensive than installing an instant heater.

It needs 5 to 10 minutes for the water to reach full temperature.

Storage heaters are a cost-effective option for homes with a family of four or more since they save money over time. When it comes to heating your home, storage heaters are the most popular choice because they are less expensive during installation and provide greater efficiency in the long run. Homeowners may be confident in the intense water pressure that storage heaters produce, making bathing a pleasure and an ideal moment.

Common Water Heater Problems

Water not warm

The most frequent reasons for lack of warmth in the water are as follows:

Faulty electrical wiring

When faulty electrical wiring fails, the storage water heater does not receive the electricity it needs to operate, causing hot water to be unavailable when using the instantaneous heater. We will advise you to Replace the Wiring. When there is a fault in your home's electrical system that prevents your storage water heater from operating,

Broken heating coil

This typical problem occurs after lengthy usage of any electrical applicator. In such circumstances, we advise you to replace the entire unit, as it comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 12-24 months.

Water heater no power

Faulty switch

When a switch is broken, you will not receive adequate electricity to operate the storage water heater when the button is powered on. In this situation, we would propose replacing the faulty switch.

Faulty electrical wiring

When faulty electrical wiring burns out, your storage water heater will not be receiving the electricity it needs to operate, resulting in cold water when attempting to use the instantaneous heater. We'll advise you to repair the affected areas' wiring in such cases.

Storage Water heater leaking

Broken pipe seal

When the connection between the pipes that take water from the inlet pipe and send it to the outlet pipe is broken, water will begin to seep. We suggest replacing the damaged seals to ensure no more water leaks.

Broken Tank Seal

If the storage tank is leaking, the seal has likely broken. For such circumstances, we would propose replacing the entire unit as a new one comes with a 12-24 month manufacturer warranty.

Can Storage Heaters Be Serviced?

Installing storage heaters is a relatively simple process. They don't require any regular maintenance or service. They have a long operational life, with warranties as long as 30 years available from some manufacturers.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Heater Tank?

The cost of a water heater replacement varies greatly, from $550 to $1,500 for electric and gas water heaters. They can range in price from about $450 to $3,500 for each type.

How Long Can the Storage Heater Last?

The storage heater has parts or a thermostat that lasts only 6 to 8 years, despite a considerably longer life expectancy. Our service engineers and electricians will carefully inspect your heater to determine whether it may be repaired or must be replaced.

Is It Worth Repairing the storage Heater?

The 50% rule holds that if a repair costs half as much to replace as it would, you should replace it rather than repairing it. Even if your current repair does not reach half of the cost of a new water heater, remember the frequency of repairs and how old your water heater is.


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