toilet bowl chokage

A choked toilet is the most disgusting thing to happen to a home and any places, because it's not just sewage, the worst thing is that we can see poop overflowing all over the place.

How would you react if your toilet stopped up during an emergency? Aside from being perplexed about why the obstruction occurred in the first place, you will realize that removing it will be difficult. Any Singapore household with only one toilet may find itself inconvenient sometimes, especially when friends or family visit.

Because of this, it's critical that you clean and maintains your toilet frequently and that you avoid flushing anything foreign down the drain. According to general recommendations, anything that does not belong in a toilet bowl should not be there. Don't be frightened or concerned if you notice a toilet bowl chokage. Calling a specialist plumber in Singapore can help with resolving the problem.

toilet bowl chokage

why this happened

Toilets that aren't working properly are a common occurrence. Have you ever inquired about the daily number of toilet bowl block occurrences in Singapore? Hundreds or even thousands of incidents occur every day.

A toilet bowl choke may be a severe issue for various reasons. According to our plumber's experience, most of these chokes are caused by foreign objects, which we'll get into later in this post. A sanitary pad, for example, can block several things.

Causes of Toilet Bowl Choke

Have you ever wondered what causes the bulk of toilet bowl clogs? Plumbing may never be expected, and when it happens, it's unexpected. Some of these things may be tricky to understand why they were allowed into the system first, while others are straightforward. Here are some of the causes why most Singapore homes' toilets become blocked:

Toilet Paper

When people at home clean with toilet paper after using it, it's conceivable that their bathrooms are clogged. If used in excessive amounts and not correctly flushed or disposed of, it will block the drainage and cause a toilet bowl to choke.

Foreign Items

The toilet in your house is designed to break down waste and toilet paper. Foreign things like nappies, baby wipes, paper towels, tampons, sanitary pads, and the like can clog your drain if you dispose of them in your toilet.

Trees or Plants

If the pipes are put underground, trees and plants may obstruct them. Trees or plants may become trapped in the lines due to their natural need to discover water sources.

Weak Flush

A weak flush can also cause a toilet bowl clog. Because it cannot remove the solid waste from the system, a minimal color might result in a blockage. If you have a weak flusher on your toilet, you should consider replacing it with one that delivers a stronger color, so you won't have to worry about having a toilet bowl clog.

Waste Accumulation

Garbage might obstruct the normal flow of waste, especially if it is dry and in large amounts, blocking the sewage system. When your toilet's drain gets clogged, the bowl will be choked.

How to Prevent Toilet Bowl Choking?

There are a few toilet etiquette guidelines that may help you avoid choking on your toilet:

Determine Which Objects Are Flushable and Which Aren't

The most common things that cause clogged toilets are non-flushable items like facial wipes, napkins, paper towels, and hair. Non-flushable include face wipes, nappies, paper towels, and hair. Solid or liquid waste is not permitted in the United States; therefore, solid or liquid waste would be flushed if it were present. Consider this: Only dirt or liquid debris may be washed; solid or liquid waste is unacceptable. Follow this golden rule to keep your toilet clean.

Flush Your Toilet Thoroughly

When it comes to proper flushing, we mean that the amount in the toilet bowl does not seem to be overflowing. Don't utilize too much toilet paper when cleaning up after using the toilet (enough to fill the toilet bowl halfway). These can ball up your waste and only dissolve the outer layer, finally blocking your drainage system. Only use as much as you need, but if you require more, consider flushing the toilet twice during maintenance.

Dealing with plumbing issues extends beyond just toilet bowl blockages. If you're facing challenges with shower screens blockage, our team at Active Plumbing is here to help. 

Address Weak Flush Early

A slow flush, as previously said, might obstruct the drain pipe, causing a blockage. However, do you know that if your toilet's flush is powerful yet the waste flushing appears ineffective, there's a blockage developing in the drainage pipes? So it's critical to be proactive and try to fix any problems you identify. If dealing with an issue is too difficult, contact a professional and trustworthy plumber who can check your sluggish flushing issues.

Educate Your Children

Teach your kids the dos and don'ts of going to the bathroom at home if you have one. It's also critical to educate youngsters about what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet as they age to avoid toilet bowl blockages. If you discover a toilet bowl choke, you might try removing it yourself.

Keep Your Toilet Tank Clean and Free of Debris.

Keeping your toilet tank clean is critical for avoiding a toilet bowl clog. You will never know whether anything goes into the toilet bowl until it happens, and you will be sorry when you discover it. If something does fall into the toilet bowl, the possibility of a blockage rises significantly.

Need Professionals Help?

We are a respected plumber in Singapore that is well-known for providing high-quality clogged toilet repair and plumbing services. We can assist you even if you need to replace the toilet bowl in your home.


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