toilet bowl

In this modern day, except for the faucet, it is impossible to imagine a home without a toilet. How can we live our lives, even if you spend a lot of money to make your home the most beautiful, but if there is no toilet, everything seems insignificant...

toilet bowl

s-trap toilet bowl

It's critical to install an S Trap toilet bowl correctly if you have one so that any plumbing issues don't occur. The S Trap toilet bowl is named for the drain pipe's S-shaped bend. This curvature aids in water retention in the bowl, preventing sewage from backing into your bathroom. When properly installed, the S Trap toilet bowl enables you to keep your bathroom clean and odor-free.

p-trap toilet bowl

The general form of a P-trap is the same as an S-trap, but rather than lowering down and forming the S symbol, they curve up. With this curvature followed by a straight line, you can produce an excellent open P shape; this trap is known as the letter "P." They're commonly found on apartment roofs, offices, homes, and wall-mounted toilets.

P-traps are most often used in laundry and kitchen sinks in a home. The general (the bulk) opinion is that P-traps are more dependable and efficient in maintenance than S-traps. P-traps are more prevalent among individuals who live on high floors or have different feet than S-traps.

wall hung toilet bowl

A wall-hung toilet is one in which the toilet bowl is attached directly to the wall while the tank is installed within the same room. This allows wall-mounted toilets to take up less space. Since the functional components are hidden behind the tank, it has a more modern appearance. The tank is housed in a wall carrier that sits between two studs.

flush system

Singapore's flush systems usually are excellent, and a decent one can avoid clogged toilets. The toilet cistern is where the water is stored at the rear of the bathroom. To wash the contents of the toilet bowl in toto, press the toilet flush button, which sends water through the toilet flush system to cleanse everything inside.

Your toilet's flush system may be clogged, preventing your bathroom from flushing correctly. This might be a thorny issue, especially if you only have one restroom in your house or apartment. A toilet cistern's flush mechanism may suffer from a variety of topics. While you can usually repair it yourself, we recommend calling an expert plumber to assist you with your toilet flush repair because most problems can't always be resolved by yourself.


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