toilet smell

When you enter the living room, and you haven't even entered the toilet, you find that there seems to be a disgusting odor. When you enter the toilet, the smell is stronger. At this moment, you will be aware that there is a possibility that a sewer is going to block up,

However, the cause of the odor is not absolute. If the interface of the important drainage pipe in the home is not connected or installed properly, it will also cause the odor to penetrate through the gap of the pipe interface.

Compared with blockage, odor is a more serious problem, because its invisible air cannot be seen or touched. It takes a lot of patient experiments to slowly find the source of the odor.

toilet smell

How to Fix the Issue

This occurs when there is a blockage in the drainage system, which causes the toilet bowl to overflow with dirty water and stinky sewage. If you are experiencing this issue, don't panic! You can take several steps to clear the blockage and get your toilet fragrant again. This article will discuss what causes a smelly toilet and how you can fix it yourself using simple household items.

Causes of Smelly Toilet

Have you ever wondered why most toilet smell occur? When it comes to plumbing, everything goes wrong regularly. Some of these items may be hard to understand how they ended up in the system in the first place, while others are understandable. Finally, here are some of the reasons toilets are stinky:

Waste Accumulation

Large quantities of waste, especially if they are dry and compact, can obstruct the regular flow of the following waste. Your toilet will get stinky if the drainage pipe is blocked.

Trees or Plants

If the pipes are dug underground, trees and bushes may obstruct them. Because of their natural need to discover water supplies, trees or plants are likely to block the pipes. Tree or plant obstruction on a landed owner's property is more common in Singapore.

Toilet Paper

A toilet smell occurs when consumers at home clean with toilet paper after using the toilet and block the toilet bowl drain. It will obstruct the drainage and cause a toilet to stinky if used in excessive quantities and not completely flushed or disposed of.

Foreign items

The toilet in Singapore is designed to handle waste and toilet paper. Items like nappies, baby wipes, paper towels, tampons, sanitary pads, or other foreign things may clog your toilet lead to stinky if you dispose of them there.

Weak flush

When the toilet smelly, it's known as a choked toilet. A weak flush can cause a blockage due to its inability to remove the solid waste from the bathroom. When you have a poor flusher, it's always advisable to replace your toilet bowl tank with one that has a stronger flush, so you won't have to worry about smelly toilets.

Tips to Prevent Smelly Toilet

Several toilet etiquette suggestions may assist you in avoiding toilet smell, and they would be beneficial to follow.

Practice Proper Flushing

"Proper flushing" refers to emptying the toilet only when the quantity in the bowl does not appear to be overflowing. When cleaning up after using the bathroom, don't use too much toilet paper (just enough to fill the toilet bowl halfway) since doing so can ball up with your waste and dissolve the outer layer, resulting in a buildup down the drainage pipe. Use only what you need, but if you have any excess, consider flushing twice during cleanliness.

Address Weak Flush Early

Due to the low water pressure, flushing your toilet may be difficult. When the tank's water level reaches a certain point, it switches off automatically until you refill it. This prevents waste from overflowing and clogging up your drainage system. If you don't fill the tank fast enough after using it, this might result in waste overflow that can cause smelly or other problems. A weak flush might obstruct drain pipes and need immediate attention from a professional plumber.

Determine What Is and Isn't Flushable.

Because your toilet is a significant component of your home, you must know what may be flushed down and what would most certainly cause a clogged toilet if sent down the drain as a homeowner. Facial wipes, napkins, paper towels, hair, and other non-flushable items do not dissolve in water and eventually block the drainage system, causing stinky. It might be challenging to determine whether an item is non-flushable. Nevertheless, keep in mind that only solid or liquid waste products (whether dry or wet) and toilet paper can be flushed down toilets. Follow this simple rule to keep your toilet clean.

Keep Your Toilet Clean

Keeping your toilet clean of items is critical for avoiding a smelly toilet. Although you will never know when the objects on your toilet tank might fall into the toilet bowl, there's a good chance of stinky if it does.

Educate Your Children

If you have a child at home, educating them about the proper and incorrect ways to use the toilet is critical. It's also important to teach youngsters what can be flushed down the toilet or drain as they become older since this prevents future smelly toilet and aids in their learning of life skills that they may apply for the remainder of their lives.


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