two way tap

A two-way tap is a plumbing fixture that allows water to be drawn from two sources simultaneously.

It's a good idea to have two-way taps if switching between two different water sources, such as obtaining water from a municipal supply and a private well. Two-way faucets can also help save water by allowing individuals to utilize two distinct water sources for separate things, such as using city water for flushing toilets and washing hands and healthy water for watering plants or filling a pool. Because they prevent bacteria and other pollutants from spreading, two-way taps are more hygienic than single-source faucets.

The two way tap is a faucet with two outlets, and the two outlets have their own on-off controls, so we can use either outlet or both at the same time according to your needs,

Two way tap

How to Install a Two-Way Tap in Your Home?

If you're thinking about getting a two-way tap put in your house, there are a few things to consider. To begin, two-way taps require the installation of two separate water lines. This implies that double-source faucets are generally more expensive than single-source taps. Finally, a licensed plumber or contractor must install two-way fixtures and get multiple bids before hiring someone to do the work.

Finally, double-check that the two of your water sources are suitable for use with a two-way tap - some models of two-way faucets are only compatible with certain types of water sources.

Installing a two-way tap in your house can be a fantastic method to save water and money and help you be more prepared in the case of a water emergency. Before putting in a two-way tap, do your homework and always obtain expert advice.

Types of Two-Way Tap

Today, two-way taps come in two varieties: jet and spray, each with features and drawbacks.

The first kind is the standard two-way tap, which has two handles for each water source. These taps are typically less expensive but more difficult for those with limited mobility.

The single-handle two-way tap is the second style, with a single handle controlling both water sources. These taps are typically more costly but considerably simpler to use. If you're unsure which type of two-way tap is best for you, call us. We can help you in choosing the best sort of tap for your needs, as well as putting it in place.

How to Choose the Right Two-Way Tap?

There are several different styles of two-way taps available. Choosing the right type for your household will take time and effort, but it is well worth the effort. Before shopping for a two-way tap, consider the following aspects:

The size of the tap

The diameter of a shower two way tap varies. Make sure to measure the aperture through which the faucet will be inserted and select the appropriate one.

The flow rate

Two-way taps have different flow rates: the amount of water they can supply per minute in a single direction. Calculate how much water you'll need to use at peak hours and pick a tap with a flow rate that can meet those demands.

The warranty

There are a variety of two-way tap warranty periods to consider. Choose a tap with the appropriate warranty and price range.

So many two-way taps are available that deciding which one is suitable for your house may be difficult. You can, however, discover a two-way tap that will serve you well for years by taking the time to think about your needs and conducting some research.

Installation Tips and Tricks for A Two-Way Tap

Anyone can install a two-way tap. It's simple, and it can be done by just about anybody. To make the installation as safe and straightforward as possible, keep the following points in mind.

Verify that you have the appropriate equipment for the work. A pipe wrench, adjustable wrench, and hacksaw will be required.

Locate the water pipe's shut-off valve near the water meter or where the water line enters your home.

Switch off the water supply and release the pipe from the shut-off valve. This will stop the water from coming out of the line.

Use a hacksaw to cut a pipe length the same width as the two-way tap.

Place the two-way tap into the chopped section of the pipe and tighten it using a pipe wrench and adjustable wrench. Make sure it is firmly fastened to prevent any leaks.

First, turn on the water supply to the shut-off valve. Check for leaks and tighten any joins as necessary.

If everything went as planned, you should now have a simple to use a two-way tap that will provide a secure and dependable water supply. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact ACTIVE-PLUMBING for assistance.

Faq- about two way tap

What Is Two-Way Tap?

A two-way tap is a kind of tap that allows water to flow in two directions. It's simple to obtain water from a pipe without having to move it around because of this.

How Do I Use a Two-Way Tap?

It's simple to use a two-way tap:

  • Locate the two-way tap that is nearest to your location.
  • Turn the knob or handle clockwise to turn on the water.
  • Set your container beneath the spout and allow the water to flow into it.

Is A Two-Way Tap Safe to Use?

Yes, two-way taps are safe to use. It's critical to double-check that the fixture is correctly installed and there aren't any leaks.


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