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Whether you're planning a renovation or simply need routine maintenance on your home or business' mechanical system, ACTIVE PLUMBING has the service offerings you need.

instant water heater

instant water heater

The most popular type of heater in Singapore is the conventional electric heater. It is frequently the preferred option for many...

storage water heater

storage water heater

Storage Heater is the electric Storage Heater, which uses electricity to heat a storage chamber. Storage Heaters can also be fueled...

multipoint water heater

multipoint water heater

Multipoint heaters have several advantages over traditional space heaters: they are more compact and can be used to heat multiple...

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Coming with 25 years’ experience in the trade, ACTIVE PLUMBING provides 24 hours round the clock plumber engineering services in Singapore. With our excellent, professional services, we hope to bring immediate help to our customers. Check out our list of services, you may also check our detailed plumbing services and prices. Call our friendly customer service agent now for quotations!

  • 24 Hours Service (Plumbing Service, Electrical Engineering Service)
  • Immediate Response
  • 180 days warranty
  • gas water heater

    gas water heater

    You probably rely on your gas heater to keep your home comfortable during the raining months. But what do you do if your gas heater..

    plumber Singapore


    Do you need a plumber in Singapore that you can count on? ACTIVE PLUMBING is the company to call! We are island wide's leading plumbers...

    emergency plumber

    emergency plumber

    When you have a plumbing emergency, finding the right plumber for the job is essential. Not all plumbers are created equal...


    MOST RELIABLE Plumbing Services Supply in Singapore

  • HDB Plumbing and sanitary fixture repair, installation, and replacement for both private residential, commercial, and industrial structures
  • Plugging of pipe water leakage
  • Pipe installation
  • Manual labor or machine-assisted clearance of clogged pipes, basins, toilet bowls, floor traps, maintenance holes, and other items to free them
  • Water taps, mixer taps, piping, bottle traps, flexible hoses, sinks, basin bowls, urinal bowl covers, flush cisterns and toilet attachments may be necessary.
  • Water heaters ( instant or storage) and dustbins will be supplied and installed.
  • Replacement of pipes from the chimney to every room in the home. Pipe materials include copper, PVC, or stainless steel.
  • Replacement of toilet flooring, shower screens, and other bathroom hardware

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